Our Charlotte, North Carolina distribution facility is certified under BRC Standards for Storage and Distribution. BRC certification is internationally recognized as a badge of quality and only awarded when rigorous standards and inspection criteria have been met. BRC is the gold standard for giving customers complete confidence in production programs and supply chain management. Our other Distribution Centers around the country are certified under various GMP standards implemented by third-party food safety auditors.


ICI Foods is committed to supplying safe food and beverage ingredients. To demonstrate our commitment to food safety and quality, customer requirements, and regulatory compliance; we have implemented a management system under the BRC standard. We have developed a food safety plan based on globally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. We will continually improve our BRC system to meet our food safety and quality objectives with the ultimate goal of providing our business partners with industry exceeding services and relationships.


ICI Foods uses TraceGains food safety, quality and compliance management software to ensure we provide the safest and highest standard of food products.


Our Charlotte, North Carolina distribution facility is kosher certified under Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) Standards for loading and distribution of sucrose and corn syrup products. ICI also has four cRc certified tank trucks for transportation.




CRC Kosher Certification

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